What to do in a Deluge!

Pop on your Berghaus Deluge waterproof overtrousers of course!!  I’ve just received a pair to review from Go Outdoors, which was actually rather timely.

Waterproof trousers are one of those items that I’ve never quite got round to replacing – a £15 unbranded nylon pair have sat in the bottom of my pack for the past few years.  Most of the time they are dead weight in the bottom of your pack and with Gotetex/Event trousers at £100+ I figured if I’m gonna put my crampons through them then better a cheap pair!

The other thing is that I actually can’t remember the last time I needed to wear them – either I don’t get out enough, I’m lucky with the weather or I’m a fair weather lightweight! Perhaps all three are true, as is the fact that my ME soft-shell pants do shrug of mild rain quite adequately.

It was my recent trip to the Alps that did make me reconsider – moreover I realised I would need a pair that had full-length zips so I could put them on over my boots and crampons. Yet, once more, I managed without.

When I was searching for a new pair the Berghaus Deluge seemed a good compromise in terms of price/weight/function.  Made from Berghaus’s own Aquafoil2 fabric they are waterproof and breathable  – just not to Gortex/Event standards but at a 1/3 of the price for the few times they are worn it seemed a reasonable compromise.  The weight at 370g (my large are 400g) is reasonable for full-length zipped pants.  First impressions are they feel well-made and substantial.  The large size is a little baggy for me though the 31″ leg-length is ok for me – they do a longer leg-length for you lanky types.

The waist is elasticated with a bungee cord for adjustment.  There is no fly-zip or pockets where rain could enter and the leg-zips come up to the top of the thigh, with a two-way zipper so can be un-zipped from the top for extra venting. The zip is covered by a poppered strip to help prevent water-ingress in driving rain.  This likely adds a bit more weight but perhaps is more durable than waterproof zips.  I also means you can keep the poppers done up and undo the zip almost all the way down if you need extra venting.

The Deluge do have a thin lining so I imagine they could get quite warm – I run quite warm myself – so the breathability of the Aquafoil fabric will be put to the test.

I’ve yet to test them in anger.   Despite the weekends changeable weather I was lucky on yesterdays jaunt over Holmbury and Leith Hill, so once more they sat in the pack.   Maybe I ought to admit to Adam at Go Outdoors that testing waterproof trousers is harder than he thinks!!

Field review soon, I hope, or do I……it may be some time!?!

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  1. Well I spoke soon! I spent a wet weekend in Wales – it was a 6 hr walk in continuous rain the the wildcamp site, which turned into an unexpected bothy. The Deluge kept me dry and at least I didn't have to carry them!

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