Welcome to A Mountain High, a collection of trip reports, gear reviews and general musings from the UK, Europe and beyond.   Whether its hiking, backpacking, scrambling, climbing or packrafting, the common theme is enjoying the outdoors and the mountains in particular.

Other interests include gear and gadgets (technology and science in general), photography (Canon 60D). I’m an unapologetic Apple fan but not afraid to bash them if/when necessary.  Last year I converted to an electric car – a BMW i3 – which is really just another gadget that needs re-charging all too often.  I also secretly covet a VW California adventure van to extend our trips across the UK and beyond.

SpringadorAdventure Dog

Rosie, our ‘springador’ – cross between Labrador and Springer Spaniel – has started joining us on our outdoor adventures.  Her energy seems to know no bounds and she’s proud of her own little rucksack and buoyancy aid.

In Remission

I’m fortunate to have survived three bouts of cancer and my original blog “Nigel’s Blog…Cancer and all that” was started as a way to give me something to focus on during the sustained chemotherapy and surgery, and to also, hopefully, provide a reference point to others venturing into a similar unknown.

It was other’s outdoor blogs that helped inspire me after my treatment and re-ignited my love for the outdoors and making an effort to make the most of the time we have. So if in any small way any of my posts help encourage or inspire others then all the better.

PS. I’ve just moved my blog over to WordPress from Blogger, so am still experimenting with the layout and design. You can read about how I made the switch on my  Switching from Blogger to WordPress post.