Don’t Think, Just Do….

“Don’t think, just do” – lyrics from a Snow Patrol song on their Eyes Open album. Paradoxically I ‘think’ its sometimes easier said than ‘done’ but the essence of it is true. It’s all too easy to think about doing things rather than actually do them – life sometimes seems to get in the way. Not to say thinking is bad – its part of the mental planning, preparation, assessing options…….. a necessary pre-cursor to the act of ‘doing’ and making the right decisions. Funny that we sometimes say life gets in the way – as if we don’t have a choice over what we do. Of course we¬†do have a choice but as ever its a compromise and balance between life’s other responsibilities – family, work, play. Sometimes a difficult balancing act, even for a Libran! I’ve suddenly become conscious of this after seemingly not having had time to reschedule my planned trip to the mountains with my nephew since illness prevented our trip last month, and jealously reading the blogs of others who always seem to be able to find the time.

Anyhow, enough of my philosophical ramblings. Enough thinking and onto the doing. Lake District this weekend and then wild-camping in Snowdonia with my nephew the weekend after. Done, sorted! Well, they’re in the diary….now I just need to ‘think’ about where to go, the routes, which rucksack, what clothing……….

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