New JetBoil….M’mmm

Just noticed on Outdoor Magic the new Jetboil Sol stoves due for 2011.  While I get the concept I never quite subscribed to the Jetboil philosophy and have thus stuck to my trusty MSR Titan kettle and Optimus Crux Lite combo.  The Jetboil seemed to be too big, (top) heavy and in-flexible, though I guess it does exactly what it was intended for, i.e. boil water quickly, efficiently and conveniently.  


With Primus bringing out a similar stove Jetboil have had to respond and their new 2011 version may just make me re-think.  With a significant weight reduction from current 425g to 300g, or 260g for the titanium cup version the weight argument doesn’t hold much, well,…weight.   In the main I use my stove only for boiling water (bar the occassional fried bacon if I’m on a camp-site but then I’d tend to use my MSR Whisperlite stove with a frying pan). With a boil time of 2 mins for 0.5 litre of water and a claimed 12 litre boil per 100g canister it’s definitely quick and efficient.  And the clincher, of course, is the new orange and grey colour scheme!!


No prices announced yet but there’s also a smaller (0.8l) and cheaper version called the Jetboil Zip at 333g.  Spring 2011 seems so far away……!

PS. I’ve realised that researching gadgets is far more enjoyable than looking for pants.  I’d been searching for some decent wicking underwear  – a particularly inspiring subject – when I was distracted by the Jetboil article.

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  1. I have used a Jet Boil for a few trips of late Nigel. I have yet to be bothered to write about it. I like it for reasons that suit me. One I got fed up with meths. Two I got fed up with my Eta stove for miner reasons. Three I wanted a new gas stove. I like the way the Jet Boil (flash) locks together. It boils fast but there is faster. It is fuel efficient. It is compact and it delivers in the damp and cold May morning a fast warm brew with no fuse and no hassle. I like it. Look forward to seeing the new models.

  2. Hi Martin, Jetboil users all seem to be happy with what it does. Always looked a little tall and top-heavy but I guess the feet help with that. Is there room for anything else in the pot when the gas cartridge is stored (e.g. folding spork, fire-tool, some tea-bags etc.)?

  3. Not a lot but I don't take a mug with it. The lid has a drinking hole to sip your brew through and the insulated cover keeps your hand from burning. A few grams less by not having a mug along. But to be honest its irrelevant. A case of function over weight for me.

  4. Good point bout no mug required – though I tend to take a mug as well so I can enjoy a brew while cooking. Actually, I only ever cook porridge in my MSR Kettle or boil water for dehydrated meals and the JetBoil is probably large enough to boil enough water to re-hydrate a meal and have enough water left over for a cuppa in a single boil.

  5. "JetBoil is probably large enough to boil enough water to re-hydrate a meal and have enough water left over for a cuppa in a single boil." – you can see why I like it so much Nigel. That and being fed up waiting for the meths stove to boil while my mate is drinking his brew on account of his gas stove being fast and efficient.

  6. Ok, I'm sold! (well I'll probably wait till next Spring).

    Meths..?, so I take it you haven't yet made your own alcohol stove from a can of Grolsch! I do admire the meths purists but I'd more likely drink the meths to numb the pain of waiting for the water to boil..!

  7. The new Jetboil models look interesting as they overcome some of the (IMO) disadvantages of the regular Jetboil(size/weight/inflexibility).

    To be honest having owned (and sold) a Jetboil PCS myself the disadvantages outweigh the advantages and I didn't find it to be significantly more efficient (if at all) than a regular cannister mounted stove. The advantage is that it's very fast to set up but I found that for best performance it still needs shielded from the wind.

    I much prefer meths, it may take about 8 mins to boil 500ml but thats consistantly the same whether it's the 1st 25ml of fuel in your bottle or the last. Every gas stove I've ever tried the performance drops off drastically when the cannister is less than half full.

    I can set up my meths burner and leave it to it's own devices while I prepare everything else, with a cone type windshield I've used it in the porch of an Argos Hike-Lite 1 as it's really stable.

    In the end we all make compromises and only the individual can decide which compromises suit best.

  8. Hi, mine were the same reasons for not buying into JetBoil thus far, but I take a more serious look when the new models come out. I'm not sure I could become a meths convert though I have to say i've never tried, though I always look on with interest as some of the MYOG stoves that appear. And at least you know how much fuel you have left – whereas I ran out of gas on my last wild-camp having mistakenly packed a half-empty cartridge! You're right, compromises are an individual thing.

  9. I often agree with Mr. Rye but on this occasion we'll divert opinion – I like the Evernew DX stove that I use – using meths, we share the stove between us, boil 500ml (6-7mins) and that gets us both a brew whilst I then brew two more 500ml pots for our Be Well Expedition food. It takes a bit more time (c.20-25mins in total) than the Jetboil (c.12-15mins) – there's no arguing with that, but on a hill, time is something we have plenty of. Also, I love the fact we can also use it as a wood burner which, for all sorts of reasons, is great.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that Evernew DX is the one I will stay with as there are plenty of others I may want to test out as well, but I am sold on meths/woodburners, especially for use in Scandinavian countries where open fires are tolerated more than here.

    Finally, in the end, the whole set up is significantly lighter.

  10. Hi Maz, can't disagree with the weight/sustainability bit but when its cold and wet I'd opt for the speed and convenience of a gas stove delivering a quick brew every time (that's everytime I havent packed an empty gas cartridge!). As a matter of interest how much meths would you take for a weekend – I guess that adds to the weight but I've no idea how much you would need?

  11. The odd thing about meths is that it's pretty light compared to water so alone I would take 100ml (96g including the little pot I take) and if out with my hillwalking compadre I'll take 220ml which weighs 190g.

    Think I've dealt with this on the blog somewhere, but I cannot remember – essentially we'll use 40-50ml for two hot drinks (500ml) and then two separate 500ml boils (about 40-50ml of meths each) to re-hydrate our Be-Well Expedition meals. We then use the rest for porridge in the morning and another hot drink each. 500ml takes about 7mins to boil when I use an kitchen foil windshield held together with a paperclip.

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