My First Peak


Found this old picture of my sister and I which showed that I was into the hills from a youngish age.  Not sure whether it’s Devon or Wales – can anyone tell from the breed of sheep?
Note the lightweight approach, preferring trainers to heavy boots and no cumbersome pack to weigh me down. I ditched the stick for a time but with the advancing years I’m back using poles.
And yes, before someone asks, I’m on the right!

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  1. Hi Nigel
    Not caught up with your blog for a while. Charming photo and great to think back to your first peak. Mine was Mynydd Troed in the Black Mountains on a school trip when I was 10. Bloody horrible day it was but I loved every minute of it

  2. Cheers Andy, I'm not entirely sure I can remember it. The first proper mountain I remember looking up at in awe was Moel Siabod in Snowdonia. I was about 10 at the time and we were headed to Anglesey on holiday and our road atlas (remember those?) included the names of a few mountain peaks. Moel Siabod forever stuck in my mind. Even now, after a long drive from London, it's the sight of Moel Siabod that marks my arrival as it comes into view passing through Betws-y-coed on the A5.

  3. Hello Nigel, I try to reach you this way because I couldn´t find a e-mail.

    I started a blog about the nature of the Cantabrian Mountains (northern Spain), which will have a lot of information about walking and landscape, and also about wild flowers (orchids), animals and geology which can be found in this region.
    I think those mountains are a lovely place for walking.
    The link is:
    I invite you to have a look, and if you think it´s worth it, I would appreciate a link from your website.

    Sincerely yours,

    Marius van Heiningen

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