Backpacking South America

In January 2015 we spent a month backpacking staying in hostels or guesthouses, with a couple of nights in a tent while in Torres del Paine.  We could easily have stayed for six months so our month trip was rather intense with no more than a couple of days in each location, and most plans made in real-time or booking 24 hours a head.  We had a loose planned itinerary based around a few ‘must-do’s’ and save for a few travel hiccups it all fell into place.

Cuzco and Macchu Picchu lived up their expectation but the surprise of the trip was Bolivia – from the lowlands of the amazonian jungle to the the breathless madness of La Paz, the stunning Salar de Uyuni salt flats to the breathtaking high-altitude lakes and altiplano desert in the south-west, it was such a delightfully mesmerising country.

Patagonia warrants another trip. Torres del Paine was a known entity but the highlight for us was Fitroy.  Heading to El Chalten, which is a welcome world away from the busy El Calafate, you are treated to the an unmistakable skyline of the Fitzoy massif.

See Flickr photo album here


Here’s a quick synopsis of our route:

  • Fly London – Madrid – Lima (Peru)
  • Flight Lima – Cuzco
  • Cuzco – Macchu Picchu – Cuzco
  • Overland Cuzco – Puno, (Lake Titicaca) Bolivia
  • Puno – La Paz
  • Flight from to Rurrenabaque in Amazon jungle
  • Boat up to jungle lodge
  • Flight back to La Paz
  • Overnight bus to Uyuni
  • 4-day ‘safari’ tour of Salar de Uyuni salt flats and Eduardo Avaroa national park bordering Chile – stunning!
  • Local bus Uyuni to the mining town of Potosi
  • Potosi to Sucre.
  • Sucre to Santa Cruz
  • Flight Santa Crux to  El Calafate (Patagonia)
  • Minibus to El Chalten for hiking around Fitzroy – breathtaking!
  • Bus back to El Calafate
  • Boat to Upsala Glacier for kayaking amongst the icebergs
  • Coach El Calafate into Chile and Torres de Paine
  • Hike/camp up to the famous towers
  • Back to El Calafate and flight to Buenos Aires
  • Flight Buenos Aires to London

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