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  1. Nigel,

    That must have been awesome.I wonder if you might do a post describing this trip – particularly the why and how? Maybe its because I’m approaching 30 but I really have this ‘need’ to do something big. Whilst I’m waiting I’m more than happy to hear about other people who have!

  2. Marcus, I too did it around my 30th birthday so now would seem a good time for you! There’s a good article in this months TGO magazine about the climb. We combined Kili with a week safari in the Serengeti and Ngorogoro Crater and then a week relaxing on the beach in Zanzibar. A fantastic experience all round and well worth it. I’d echo the sentiments of the TGO article – get fit before you go, the last night (the climb from Kibo Hut to the summit is a real slog. My water bottle froze solid though it was inside my jacket. My girlfriend at the time didn’t make it past Kibo – she felt too rough from the altitude. As we neared the summit we saw a body-bag being carried down as someone had died of altitude sickness that evening. Hope I haven’t put you off – it was a great experience and one I’d definitely recommend.

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