Last Minute Planning

As I’m away on business for a few days, my planning for this weekend has had to be brought forward, meaning I’m gonna have to pack tonight. I’m taking my 15 year old nephew on his first backpack/wildcamp weekend in N.Wales. The plan is to explore the Carnedd range and possibly get over to the Glyders. I have a loose route in mind but I’m sure things will remain fluid till the last minute.

I’m still waiting (fingers crossed, as it will need to arrive today!) on my new PHD Minim sleeping bag which should shave almost 1kg of my pack weight. My nephew can carry the tent, though he doesn’t know it yet!! I’d been tempted to grab a NeoAir and a Steripen (quicker, easier, lighter to use than the Aquagear filter, since there is an abundance of clear [i.e. no need to filter] water in Snowdonia) but time is against me.

Today is the hottest day of the year so far….just hoping the weather holds for the weekend!!

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