Welsh Alps…the prequel


Back from a weekend in North Wales. Fantastic weather (with sunburn to face/neck to prove it), clear blue skies, big mountains and the last remnants of winter snow combining to give a real ‘alpine’ feel to Snowdonia.  I’ll post some words and photo’s later in the week, but I’m already regretting not taking my dSLR and relying on my iphone for pic’s, though I did get to try out the new Memory Map application on the iphone.

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  1. Aye its a bugger when you don't take or forget your camera. Sadly although I prefer the Blackberry and the Iphone, both tend to suffer from much lower spec cameras than other smart phone. When I had my 5MP camera on my old Nokia it was great for those times I forgot the phone as the pics were still really good. Need Apple and Blackberry to start getting decent cameras in the phones!

    Looks like you had a great time! What is the Memory Map software like on the iPhone. I still use MM on my PC and have a lot of 1:25k already that I'd love to use on a mobile device.

  2. Cheer guys.

    Martin, your right, justthe excuse I need!. I'm annoyed cos I actually took my Canon dSLR to Wales with me, just didn't plonk it in the rucksack. Thought I'd go fast and light!!

    Jamie, I'll include some initial thoughts on Memory Map – mixed results. I was pleasantly surprised that I could use the free MM version for now and download relevant 1:25k maps for the area I was in for free (you get 400 square km for free).

    Hi Marcus, hope your well. Will try and write up over the weekend and catch up on others blogs too!

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