Rab Cirrus wind-shirt

Funnily enough I read Martin’s post over at SummitandValley on the very same day that I’d just tried on a Montane Featherlite smock for size.  A wind-shirt had been on my hit-list for a while having dabbled with soft-shells and varying weights of fleece but realised that, more often than not, you do just need to cut-out the breeze.  I was keen to actually try on a top for size as I seem to straggle medium and large with most makes though I realised I’d likely be wearing few layers underneath.   I was also looking at the new Rab Cirrus smock but I realised I’d find it nigh on impossible to find a stockist down here so I decided to take a punt.

A quick internet trawl led me to Webtogs, where I duly plumped for a large in blue.  The day after placing my order I received a confirmation mail thanking me for my order, mentioning they’d seen my blog and giving me an extra 5% discount from the £44.99 price.  Who says blogs don’t pay!!

The tiny package arrived the following day and first impressions are rather positive.  It’s a good fit with  long slim arms with elasticated cuffs.  The Pertex Quantum fabric is a real featherweight – feels soft as silk and weights a silph-like 75g.   The chest zip is a decent length with an internal baffle, a zip-housing at the top and and a decent sized zip-pull fitted.  There are also pull-cord adjustment at the neck and the bottom hem – the bottom one cleverly pulls only the rear half tight – same effect with half the weight of bungy.  The blue colour is rather fetching being a somewhat deeper blue than typical outdoor gear.   The top comes with a Pertex Quantum bag which I doubt would register on the scales.  It packs to a fat sausage size though the bag could actually have been made smaller.  It;s easier to stuff which I presume won’t hurt the fabric. Given the impressive (lack of!) weight Rab it’s nice to see they haven’t skimped on the details.

No mention of any DWR treatment or water repellency (though I was only after a lightweight wind-top) so I’ll have to see how it performs in light rain but I’m looking forward to trying out on the hill, or maybe on a run.   The only problem is that its so small I can’t find it!   I’ll report back when it’s seen a little action.

PS. I noticed that Rab are also doing a full-zip version too – no hood, 2 pockets and a whopping 120g!

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