Aran Ridge – Quick Video

I took a small SJCAM SJ4000 waterproof video camera on my recent Aran Ridge wild camp trip.  It only arrived in the morning so no chance to read the manual or tweak settings, or fully charge the battery so it didn’t last for the whole trip and thus my edit is supplemented with photos from my phone.  It was my first play with video editing – I used iMovie on my MacBookAir –  so lots to learn, but video does add an extra dimension to recording trips.  Strangely, I’ve never previously thought to try video on my camera or iPhone, so will give that a whirl too.  Anyway, here goes..

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  1. Cheers Martin/Wayne. I don't know why I've never thought to try video before given I always have a camera with me. The SJ4000 Go-Pro lookalike is more of an action-cam and worked well when sailing/diving in Turkey recently but on the hills my camera or iPhone will likely work just as well. I've just posed another video from the Yorkshire Dales…I'm on a roll!

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