Bristly Ridge (Updated)

The past couple of times I’ve been up to Wales I’ve been up the Glyders from the east and watched jealously as others picked their way up and around the pinnacled profile of Bristly Ridge. Inspired by a wee bit of scrambling on Pen y Ole Wen on my last trip – which wasn’t helped by a heavy wild-camp pack on my back – we’ve decided to pop up this weekend for a bit of unencumbered hands-on scrambling.
No wild-camp this time, we’ll probably camp at Gwern Gof Uchaf campsite, within easy reach of the base of Tryfan. Up the north ridge of Tryfan and then up Bristly Ridge is the plan, with return via Y Gribin. Now then, boots or trail shoes….?!?

Bristly Ridge in Profile. Photo Copyright of trelewis

Tryfan in profile
UPDATE: Bloody English (well, Welsh really..) weather! MWIS forecast shows the weekend Snowdonia weather to be thunderstorms and torrential rain! Probably not the best weather to be scrambling and camping!! We’re going to re-schedule for 2 weeks time.

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  1. Hi Nigel,

    the campsite at Gwern is great for Tryfan and we went there back in April for an "outdoors magic" meet. We went scrambling up Tryfan and this is when I discovered my fear of exposed heights isnt going away… I managed Tryfan but the next day I had to cry off halfway up Crib Goch.
    Its a great spot up there though and I hope you have a good time and look forward to the report.


    PS well done on the solo wildcamp. 🙂

  2. Hi Dave, hoping to get up there this weekend – weather permitting. Bit wary of heights myself – well heights are ok, its the drops! Done Tryfan on a scrambling course with Plas y Brenin but not Crib Goch yet – reckon I'd need a quiet, wind-free day and take my time.

    Just found your blog and plenty to catch up on, especially your report on the OM meet. I've added you to my blog list on the right.


  3. cheers Nigel,

    yes Tryfan was at the limit of my abilities/comfort level. I think I would attempt Crib Goch again sometime but as you say…..with no wind, no rain, no-one around to stare and poke fun at you …….

    hope you have a good time this weekend and let us know how you get on


  4. Absolutely love Bristly Ridge, fantastic route.

    It's rated the same as Tryfan but Sinister Gully feels a little bit tougher to me, especially if it's raining/wet on that section. Last time I was in the gully it was crowded, wet and full of falling rock… and people! But it's not too bad, just need to work the sides of it and take it at your own pace. After the gully, the scrambling is very much like Tryfan North Ridge but a bit more exposed in places.

    As for Crib Goch, it's not as bad as it looks, first time up I was a bit shocked (the wind was almost taking us off our feet though) and we hastily went down the North Ridge to a pub. Next time in nice weather it was great. If you don't fancy walking the crest, just drop down to the left (Southern side) and hold onto the top.

    – Ian

  5. Hi Ian, just found your blog so I'll be reading with interest. I'm jealous of your EBC trip, having had to cancel twice due to illness myself. I too have alpine aspirations spurred on by a winter skills course I did in Jan and I've have recently set myself the goal of Mont Blanc next summer. I'm currently trying to put together a loose plan of trips/training over the next 12 months and I'll be keeping an eye out for how you get on this summer.

    Just got back from Wales where I went up Tryfan but the weather scuppered the continuation up Bristly Ridge. I'll do a quick write up in the next few days.

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