Whiling away the hours..

Swine flu meant I had a whole long week of nothingness to fill and without the internet I think I’d have gone stir crazy!!! What did we do before t’internet?..or did we just not get ill!!

In view of my plan to climb Mont Blanc next summer I spent a wee while trawling web-sites for info on alpine climbing and came across a few interesting articles and video’s including the one below {it currently appears to have dissappeared from Vimeo) but was here.

Ueli Steck is somewhat of a legend in speed soloing, not just climbing by himself, often without protection, but doing it bloody fast! In 2008 he set the record for climbing the north face of the Eiger in 2hr47min and then followed it with the Grand Jorasses North Face, some 1200m ascent including a 95-degree ice-wall in 2hr21min. This guy climbs quicker than I can get up the stairs (well, actually getting of the sofa was a major effort last week).

More info and some great photo’s can be found on the Alpine Exposures web-site.

I think I need to get fit!!

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  1. Martin/Dave, I have to admit that I was actually getting to the point of being bored trawling the web on my days off!! It's just such an integral part of our lives now, and we're only going to get even more reliant on it!! And yet as technology marches forward, it makes you appreciate even more the simple pleasures of the outdoors and innate rawness of the mountains. As a self-confessed gadget freak, I don't even take my GPS any more, preferring map and compass – a little more purist and 'back-to-nature'!

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