Sunnto Core Update

Over the weekend I took some pic’s for comparison.  What is noticeable is the difference in readability of the reversed LCD screen in different situations.  Outdoors in daylight the negative screen is much more readable and in bright sunlight actually more readable than the standard screen.   In poor indoor light the standard screen is more readable, and clearer than the second picture suggests.  Given that the watch is going to be used outdoors I’ve decided to go with the All Black – which I’m also more likely to wear on a casual basis at the weekends. I also find the larger bezel of the All Black easier to rotate and the luminous compass sighting marks more practical. Ok, I know I’m just trying to convince myself!!


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  1. Go for the all black in the positive screen… or is it negative? I dunno but go for the one on the right hand side of your picture.

    I have the yellow & black version with the same display and i use it everyday at work, it's fine. And you can always press the light on if you need to. It's a great watch. It does look kinda big on my wrist but it's soooo comfortable to wear plus when I use it in the gym I can wipe the strap clean.

    Anyway good choice. Plus get onto the Suunto website and register the warranty straight away. I had a problem with mine (the battery ran out too quickly and the led display was very dim), i logged on and was able to send it back to Finland and less than a week later a new one was delivered back to me!! Excellent customer service. (And my watch was a year old).

  2. Hi Ange, thanks for that always better to hear from a real user! I actually love the yellow & black version – it would match my ME Astron hoody perfectly but I opted for the safer option… boring I know! Is it yellow or is it a goldy colour – you can't really tell from the pic's and I've not seen one in the flesh?

  3. I'd say it's more of a metallic yellow. Deffo not gold. I'm not one for buying things that fade into the background (well some things I do) but liked the yellow/black version as soon as I saw it. But… just before Christmas they released a red and black special edition which looks gorgeous but also has a higher price tag attached to it. It does look good though. :o)

    By the way I have used it to it's full potential (and not just at the gym!) when i was trekking in Nepal last year. Didn't need much adjustment when I got it set properly. Was pretty accurate too, it's great for the hills.

  4. I've been pondering over this for a week or two now; firstly the "to buy or not to buy". Now I'm at the "definitely going to buy, but which one!?" phase.

    I think that you've managed to clear all that up for me though. I'm going to go for the all black version 🙂 Thank you!

  5. Hi Gordon – glad I could help, though you can't go wrong with either. The regular black has a different bezel so it is a little more low-profile and appears to have a larger face than the All-Black but I'm happy with my choice.

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