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Well, I’m busy sorting gear for next week in Chamonix courtesy of Icicle Mountaineering on their 4000m Summits & Skills course.  I’d hoped to do the Alpine Autonomy course but the timings didn’t work for me though apparently there are only another two people on the course with me so the guide ratio will be 1:3 rather than the usual 1:6.  I’m looking forward to putting my recent climbing course into good use and gain some experience in an alpine environment.

It will be my first time back to Chamonix since 2005 when I was helicoptered off the mountain to hospital with concussion after a snow-boarding fall (I’ve gone for the BMC insurance this time!). Sod’s law has tried its best as I’ve been feeling rough all week and strained a muscle in my groin last week but popping antibiotics and echinacea seems to have helped, together with judicious use of Deep Heat (just be careful where you get it!).

I’ll need to scoot into London tomorrow to pick up some last minute gear.  Wanting to make the best of the photo opportunities but not wanting to lug my Canon dSLR around, and after a long trawl of internet reviews and lots or ringing around I managed to order a new Panansonic LX5, which arrived in stock only today.  With a great lens, which opens to 24mm at the wide-end, it’s a successor to the LX3 which Martin,  PTC and others have used to such tremendous effect.  Just praying that it actually arrives tomorrow morning as I’m flying first thing Sunday.  Hopefully I’ll have plenty of pic’s and tales to share on my return.

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  1. I want a LX5 Better dynamic range, lens and sensor. Nice kit. I am off to check the prices and what I can get for my LX3. Also James at Backpacking Bongos, Backpack Brewer, Andy Skurka and Section Hiker blog use a LX3. Its the biz till the LX5 came along.

  2. Well, we're 142km into the 180km TMB and have clocked up over 8,000m of ascent. Today we went over the Fenetre d'Arpette and stared, somewhat longingly at the Glacier du Trient and the Aguilles beyond. It was amazing stuff – that said, there is a Refuge only a day's walk from Mont Blanc which is reachable with a guide, I would imagine. I am thinking about it for next year…

    You going to keep us updated on the Alps Course I hope?

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